When is interoperability not interoperable?

Having spent the past few days ‘proving our web service interoperability’ I have found that interoperability is all very well, but it can be a right royal pain. Our web services are WCF services using all the latest .net bells and whistles and custom extensions. What I have found is that yes, our services are probably interoperable at a low level, so if you are happy playing about with SOAP messaging you can work with our web services, and in some cases happy working with even lower level abstractions. However the tooling just doesn’t seem to exist for the majority of platforms to automatically generate client proxies for our kinds of services.  Oh well, at least they’re interoperable at some level I suppose


About Alex McMahon

I am a software developer, interested in .net, agile, alt.net. I've previously specialised with .net 3.0 technologies like WCF, whereas now I am trying to specialise in agile development and best practice and patterns. I am obsessed with looking at the latest technologies, tools, and methods, and trying them out. I am currently employed by Rockwell Collins in the UK.
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