Missing ‘Test’ ‘Edit’ or ‘Properties’ buttons in Fitnesse

Today I’ve been trying to get my head around Fitnesse, so far it seems pretty cool. One thing that confused me, that I found a neat solution for, is that the help often says press the test button on the page, but there was no test button…

So to get a test button you can click on the Properties button and tick the Test checkbox. That’s great, but what if there is no Properties button either? The same problem sometime happens when the ‘Edit’ button is missing.

The solution relies on the fact that all the buttons do is link back to the same page with a Get query string so to test a page you can simply add ?test to the URL (e.g. http://localhost/page?test). This works but can get a bit tiresome, so you should use the properties page to add the required buttons to the page, so if the Properties button is missing simply add ?properties to the URL, tick the required functionalities and save! bob’s your uncle!


About Alex McMahon

I am a software developer, interested in .net, agile, alt.net. I've previously specialised with .net 3.0 technologies like WCF, whereas now I am trying to specialise in agile development and best practice and patterns. I am obsessed with looking at the latest technologies, tools, and methods, and trying them out. I am currently employed by Rockwell Collins in the UK.
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5 Responses to Missing ‘Test’ ‘Edit’ or ‘Properties’ buttons in Fitnesse

  1. sanilkrisna says:

    Hi ,

    Can anyone help me out to restore the buttons like “Edit”,”Test” buttons as i am not able to reload.
    I am using Eclipse plugin to start the Fitnesse, yesterday whn i started the buttons collapsed without any identification.

    thanks in advance.

  2. Alex McMahon says:

    are you able to view the pages in your web browser at all? in which case have you tried appending ?properties to your Url?

    (e.g. http://localhost/page?properties)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks dude you helped me fix my problem where the Test button was not showing up after I created a wiki page

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  5. Anonymous says:

    You saved my day mate. Thanks a lot!!

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