Extending unit testing frameworks with the Translation Tester

While I’ve been working on my TranslationTester project, I’ve been wondering whether the tool should either be a stand-along tool, or whether it would make sense to contribute it to one of the many unit testing frameworks out there (NUnit, MbUnit, xUnit). I don’t think it’s ‘frameworkey’ enough to contribute to the main products, but perhaps it could be contributed as some sort of extension/plugin etc.

My current thinking is that I’ll create it framework-independent, and then maybe write simple wrapper classes that allow it to be used in each framework in a more integrated fashion, e.g. Define a base TestFixture class for NUnit.


About Alex McMahon

I am a software developer, interested in .net, agile, alt.net. I've previously specialised with .net 3.0 technologies like WCF, whereas now I am trying to specialise in agile development and best practice and patterns. I am obsessed with looking at the latest technologies, tools, and methods, and trying them out. I am currently employed by Rockwell Collins in the UK.
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