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My development stack

A couple of days ago I started developing my TranslationTester. To do this I needed to get my home PC up to speed in terms of a development stack. At work I have a pretty much MS stack (Rhino Mocks … Continue reading

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Translation Tester, part 3 – Requirements

In the 3rd part of the Translation Tester series I intend to come up with some initial requirements for the product. This will then be used to create a product backlog and drive development via ‘Test Driven Development’. I’m going … Continue reading

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Translation Tester, Part 2 – Approach

In part 1 of this series I described the problem I’m trying to solve. Before I delve into solving the problem I’d like to take a quick moment to reflect on the development approach I plan to take for this … Continue reading

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Why do our code reviews take such a long time?

Kevin E. Schlabach has posted in response to my post on code reviewing. I almost decided to respond on my own blog, but thought it was more polite to comment there and just link to his post (and my reply) … Continue reading

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Code review, before or after check-in?

Recently I’ve been thinking about our code review process, and how it could be improved. We’ve recently moved from a simple VSS based source control to a more feature rich TFS based approach. We now have the majority of feature … Continue reading

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TALC Driven Development

Recently I’ve been reading several blog posts about the effectiveness of Test Driven Development. Of particular interest is Jacob Proffit‘s TDD or POUT It seems to me that there is Plain Old Unit Testing, which I would argue implies “test … Continue reading

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Agile: supporting internal change as well as customer change

I had a bit of a realisation moment recently. Whenever I’ve read or talked about ‘Agile’ its proponents have always talked about how it is better for supporting customer change, so if a customer changes their mind part way through … Continue reading

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