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Strictly mocked operations rather than strictly mocked interfaces?

Recently I’ve been planning to contribute to the rhino mocks wiki. One of the topics I thought I would write about is when I would use the different types of mock (CreateMock, DynamicMock, Stub etc). To this end I was … Continue reading

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TALC Driven Development

Recently I’ve been reading several blog posts about the effectiveness of Test Driven Development. Of particular interest is Jacob Proffit‘s TDD or POUT It seems to me that there is Plain Old Unit Testing, which I would argue implies “test … Continue reading

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Missing ‘Test’ ‘Edit’ or ‘Properties’ buttons in Fitnesse

Today I’ve been trying to get my head around Fitnesse, so far it seems pretty cool. One thing that confused me, that I found a neat solution for, is that the help often says press the test button on the … Continue reading

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