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Consuming a WCF Service with an unmanaged C++ client with credential passing

After much hassle I eventually got this working. This post explains how I got it to work and will try and pull together several information sources I found during the investigation. Service, Step 1 – Bindings and Security To maximize … Continue reading

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Intellisense lied to me!

An odd thing happened today, and I still don’t dully understand why. I was trying to create a ws-s aware client in VS 2003, for a C++ .net console application. I added a web reference, changed the generated file to … Continue reading

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Consuming a WCF Service using wshttp binding from a C++ client

Recently I have been testing the interoperability of our WCF services. Our services use wshttp bindings, custom security and some WCF extensions. My first target language is C++ and I’m starting off with VC++ in VS2005 with .net 3.0 on … Continue reading

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