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Consuming a WCF Service with an unmanaged C++ client with credential passing

After much hassle I eventually got this working. This post explains how I got it to work and will try and pull together several information sources I found during the investigation. Service, Step 1 – Bindings and Security To maximize … Continue reading

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How to make a visual studio web reference pass message credentials

As part of my investigation into interoperability of our services I have spent some time trying to consume one of a sample web services without using “Add Service Reference” (part of .net 3.0).  The standard way of consuming a service … Continue reading

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How to setup a WCF service using basic Http bindings with SSL transport level security

In the .net 3.0 world you can use WS Http Bindings for your web services. Where your service has to be interoperable with other clients you can also expose a basic Http binding. This works fine, but you don’t automatically … Continue reading

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When is interoperability not interoperable?

Having spent the past few days ‘proving our web service interoperability’ I have found that interoperability is all very well, but it can be a right royal pain. Our web services are WCF services using all the latest .net bells … Continue reading

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