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Branching build scripts for production branches

At work we recently switched to using Team Foundation Server with a ‘proper’ branch/merge strategy. We also have improved our build process so that although it’s still a partly manual process, a document leads you through the process, and the … Continue reading

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Translation Tester, Part 2 – Approach

In part 1 of this series I described the problem I’m trying to solve. Before I delve into solving the problem I’d like to take a quick moment to reflect on the development approach I plan to take for this … Continue reading

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Code review, before or after check-in?

Recently I’ve been thinking about our code review process, and how it could be improved. We’ve recently moved from a simple VSS based source control to a more feature rich TFS based approach. We now have the majority of feature … Continue reading

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When to use constants, settings.settings and Resources.resx

When developing in Visual Studio (2005 upwards I think), you have several options when it comes to referencing strings in your code (and other types, but I’ll restrict to strings for the sake of conciseness). I think it is safe … Continue reading

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TALC Driven Development

Recently I’ve been reading several blog posts about the effectiveness of Test Driven Development. Of particular interest is Jacob Proffit‘s TDD or POUT It seems to me that there is Plain Old Unit Testing, which I would argue implies “test … Continue reading

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How does Silverlight fit into a ‘proper’ UI architecture such as MVC?

With Microsoft releasing a whole caboodle of new tools as part of VS2008 and .net 3.5 I thought it would be fun sensible to spend some time trying to figure them out and having a play. I also thought that … Continue reading

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Mocking without a mocking framework

I have not yet had the opportunity to use a proper mocking framework. My project has a future investigation into them, but it’s a low priority. However we are using Test Driven Development, so we have started using mocks (with … Continue reading

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