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Specifying properties using Lambda expression trees instead of Reflection

For my TranslationTester project I need users to be able to specify properties on classes so that they can specify that one property maps to another, and to indicate which property they are mapping (or even excluding). Up until now … Continue reading

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Casting reflected types – What I learnt

For my Translation Tester I originally wanted a user to be able to add a mapping between two properties of different types, so for example they could say that a property of type Int16 would be directly assigned to a … Continue reading

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When to use constants, settings.settings and Resources.resx

When developing in Visual Studio (2005 upwards I think), you have several options when it comes to referencing strings in your code (and other types, but I’ll restrict to strings for the sake of conciseness). I think it is safe … Continue reading

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Upgrading CAB solution to Visual Studio 2008 and making all the tests pass

For one reason or another we’ve recently upgraded the Microsoft Composite Application Block solution to a Visual Studioo 2008 solution. The conversion appeared to succeed, but when we tried to run the unit tests we had lots of failures. I … Continue reading

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How does Silverlight fit into a ‘proper’ UI architecture such as MVC?

With Microsoft releasing a whole caboodle of new tools as part of VS2008 and .net 3.5 I thought it would be fun sensible to spend some time trying to figure them out and having a play. I also thought that … Continue reading

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How to detect nulls in a nested object hierarchy

I’ve been trying to find a ‘nice’ solution to a problem I’ve encountered in the past. I’ve tried searching for it but I’m not sure I know the right words to explain what I want to do. ┬áThe problem is: … Continue reading

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How to add custom policy assertions to a WCF service without using a custom binding

Recently I have been trying to work with the ws policy standard to add information to our service WSDLs. WCF has an extension point for doing just that, you can read a really good example of this WCF extension here. … Continue reading

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