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Translation Tester, Part 2 – Approach

In part 1 of this series I described the problem I’m trying to solve. Before I delve into solving the problem I’d like to take a quick moment to reflect on the development approach I plan to take for this … Continue reading

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Strictly mocked operations rather than strictly mocked interfaces?

Recently I’ve been planning to contribute to the rhino mocks wiki. One of the topics I thought I would write about is when I would use the different types of mock (CreateMock, DynamicMock, Stub etc). To this end I was … Continue reading

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TALC Driven Development

Recently I’ve been reading several blog posts about the effectiveness of Test Driven Development. Of particular interest is Jacob Proffit‘s TDD or POUT It seems to me that there is Plain Old Unit Testing, which I would argue implies “test … Continue reading

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Using Rhino Mocks to test private methods on an abstract class

Firstly it is arguable that you should not be trying to directly test a private method on an abstract class, as tests should focus on the public methods, it should be upto the class where it uses private methods. However, … Continue reading

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Should we use a mocking framework?

At the moment I’m tasked with investigating mocking frameworks. Currently we are using hand-written mocks/stubs, and I need to see what mocking frameworks are out there and what benefits they would bring. So far I’ve been focussing on Rhino Mocks … Continue reading

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Mocks Aren’t Stubs

I’ve just read a really interesting article by Martin Fowler ‘Mocks Aren’t Stubs‘. This lead me to the conclusion that I have also been confusing the terms mocks and stubs. To try and summarise the key difference between mocks and … Continue reading

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Mocking without a mocking framework

I have not yet had the opportunity to use a proper mocking framework. My project has a future investigation into them, but it’s a low priority. However we are using Test Driven Development, so we have started using mocks (with … Continue reading

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