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Specifying properties using Lambda expression trees instead of Reflection

For my TranslationTester project I need users to be able to specify properties on classes so that they can specify that one property maps to another, and to indicate which property they are mapping (or even excluding). Up until now … Continue reading

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Code review, before or after check-in?

Recently I’ve been thinking about our code review process, and how it could be improved. We’ve recently moved from a simple VSS based source control to a more feature rich TFS based approach. We now have the majority of feature … Continue reading

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How does Silverlight fit into a ‘proper’ UI architecture such as MVC?

With Microsoft releasing a whole caboodle of new tools as part of VS2008 and .net 3.5 I thought it would be fun sensible to spend some time trying to figure them out and having a play. I also thought that … Continue reading

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Mocking without a mocking framework

I have not yet had the opportunity to use a proper mocking framework. My project has a future investigation into them, but it’s a low priority. However we are using Test Driven Development, so we have started using mocks (with … Continue reading

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How many tests should I write for a unit

When coding using Test Driven Development (TDD). It is sometimes tricky to figure out how many tests you should write. (Forgetting about the whole tests vs. asserts debate). I believe the guideline should be that the minimum amount of tests … Continue reading

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Is consistency of method within a solution essential?

As a developer I find that I am constantly finding out about new development methods, constructs and techniques. I don’t know if this is because I am relatively ‘fresh out of uni’ or that I am working in a ‘new’ … Continue reading

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