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Specifying properties using Lambda expression trees instead of Reflection

For my TranslationTester project I need users to be able to specify properties on classes so that they can specify that one property maps to another, and to indicate which property they are mapping (or even excluding). Up until now … Continue reading

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Casting reflected types – What I learnt

For my Translation Tester I originally wanted a user to be able to add a mapping between two properties of different types, so for example they could say that a property of type Int16 would be directly assigned to a … Continue reading

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Translation Tester – Progress update

It’s been a little while since I blogged anything about my TranslationTester project; I have however been hard at work doing some coding for it. The source is all now on google code as are the user stories that I … Continue reading

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Translation Tester, part 4 – High Level Design

In the fourth part of my Translation Tester series I’d like to give a brief description of the overall mechanism I’m planning to implement for testing translations. The main aim is to test a class that does a translation between … Continue reading

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My development stack

A couple of days ago I started developing my TranslationTester. To do this I needed to get my home PC up to speed in terms of a development stack. At work I have a pretty much MS stack (Rhino Mocks … Continue reading

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Extending unit testing frameworks with the Translation Tester

While I’ve been working on my TranslationTester project, I’ve been wondering whether the tool should either be a stand-along tool, or whether it would make sense to contribute it to one of the many unit testing frameworks out there (NUnit, … Continue reading

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Translation Tester, part 3 – Requirements

In the 3rd part of the Translation Tester series I intend to come up with some initial requirements for the product. This will then be used to create a product backlog and drive development via ‘Test Driven Development’. I’m going … Continue reading

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