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How does the DRY Principal relate to a heavily layered architecture?

Today I’ve been thinking about how the DRY Principal (Do not Repeat Yourself) applies to an SOA or heavily layered architecture. A colleague of mine pointed out that our architecture violates this principal quite a lot, we didn’t really get … Continue reading

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Translation Tester, part 3 – Requirements

In the 3rd part of the Translation Tester series I intend to come up with some initial requirements for the product. This will then be used to create a product backlog and drive development via ‘Test Driven Development’. I’m going … Continue reading

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Translation Tester, part 1 – The problem

Introduction This post is the 1st in what may become a series of posts detailing the development of a test support tool for testing ‘Translators’. I’m planning on blogging the development of this tool for a few reasons. One reason … Continue reading

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